Doubt in Moudle 2 milestone1

We are passing start date and end date, it will return a list of json objects, for each date , and we only have to find find the close price of the end date?
am i guessing it right?

Hey tanishq! You are right but did you think of the possibilty when there is no data for the end date like if user is giving tomorrows date as end date then what are you gonna do?

I hope this helps. Happy Coding :slight_smile:
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Yeah you are on the right path. But do take care of the situation where end date isn’t same as the last date when stock data is available, as mentioned in the milestone.

so what i have to do then? i will find for last date available?

Yes. Like I said, you are on the right path. Have some confidence and keep proceeding :slight_smile:

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Okay!! Thanks…