Doubt in MileStone-1

So my problem was that mainCalculateReturnsAfterRefactor is a static function and calculateAnnualizedReturn is non-static. A non-static method could not be directly refrenced.
I followed this

Now to make an object , I needed the constructor which was protected , so i changed it to public.

Everything working fine with 14 tests passing and 1 failing (It was written some might fail).

My only doubt is if I am on the right track because it was written that do not change the cronstructor whereas I changed it to public from protected??

I don’t think you need to change the constructor to get it right (my tests passed without having to change that).

as for the matter of calling non-static method from a static function, that is a bit tricky and you should look at some tutorials/stack overflow questions about “calling static objects”.

I’m sure you will figure it out, Best of luck and post any specific errors you get here if you get stuck

Fixed it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

How did you solve it?

Unlock all milestones first. The constructor might be needed to make public temporarily but once the module is completed it should be protected and all tests should pass.