Doubt in measuring average memory during file transfer

If you see 0% for cpu you can use that, but I expect it to be more than that. For Memory, you need to monitor the bytes not the %.

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Please read my another topic. I am unable to get file from server at this moment although I have
been doing it for 2 days

Output of top gives Mem% , how to get in MB?

Check what each column in top output represents

I have checked it 5-6 times. It is not changing from 0.0%. If i write it 0.0% now, I don;t want it to be wrong later. I just want to be sure

Hint: It should be > 0 when the file is being transferred. Make sure you are monitoring the correct process. The vsftpd also has child processes.

I have done it. Thanks for helping me

I am facing the same issue. Before the file transfer the cpu usage is 0.0% after the file the CPU usage is 0.0%. I am not finding a way to solve. I am trying from 4 days now. No progress.

which process am I supposed to measure vsftpd or ftp. The values in case of ftp are larger as compared to vsftpd…???

The hint for this has been posted in other queries, please look for it.

I’ll look into it, thanks, I have another query. I am able to run and transfer files on vsftpd_v1 but I am not able to TRANSFER file on other versions. Is there any change that I am supposed to make in the vsftpd.conf file???

hey vipul,facing the same issue.
0.0 cpu% in ftp process for every upload and download.
how ever getting 0.2% in %mem
also my RES value is getting decreased , is it supposed to be less, if yes why is the memory decreasing, googled it already haven’t able to find a good ans.
looking forward for your reply

The only task where you need to touch the config file is the file permission related task.

hey kiran, would you please tell me help me in an issue? In milestone 7, if we start server by our .py script, then anything that comes after running of server line will not execute because excution will stop at that line to run the server indefinitely. So we would be unable to transfer file or analyse anything. Is there any other way round for this?

Answered on your new thread.

hey, have you able to solve it? i have monitored ftp as well as vsftp_v1 porcess in milestone 1.
none of them are showing any changes.

Yes I have found out the benchmark values…
I have used this command:
ps -p -o %cpu,%mem,cmd

thanks rushil for replying, this command is okay but which process to monitor , i have looked ftp as well as sudo ./vsftpd vsftpd.conf ans its child, noone is showing any changes. any idea how could it be happening?

There are three processes that you have to monitor: sudo, vsftpd, ftp
Although larger values only turn out inf ftp…
Get the PIDs pf these processes and use the above command…

Let me know if you need anymore help. I am currently struggling in Milestone 2