Doubt about QBox benchmark [Milestone 1] [Module 4]

Populate the value for each line below:

Do we take all these values from log and do it manually , also where to keep all these values ? in the same file where the task is mentioned ?

The test will be performed on the log files or our populated values ?

Please clear these ambiguities for me. It would help a lot.

same here i have same doubt i have filled the average speed however.

In the same file where task is mentioned ?

there is a file QBox_benchmarks.

I know, that’s what I am talking about. Usually when we are supposed to add something in the file crio-team mentions it in a comment. here they just asked to find all the speeds and what not but didn’t give the format. So if we do it in another way or at another place, we won’t be able to clear the unit test.
My best assumption is that we have to play with the parameter in the conf file to get the result we want directly into the log file.
Worst case, we manually go through the log an put in the values in the QBox_benchmarks file.

we have to manually do it i guess.

the log files mention nothing about cpu and mem usage

I do have the same doubt.
Whether we have to calculate it manually or write some automation script for that.

any progress buddy? lets connect on slack.

no progress yet. I have done normal upload and download a few times.
I will wait for crio-team to respond at night and work based on how they guide.
The thing is we don’t need the solution. we just want to know where to do that TODOs and in what format.

@amanagar can you guide us regarding this issue ?

For each of the benchmark categories, do your calculations anywhere you like. Only the final numbers need to be submitted in the QBox_benchmark file.

For the other tasks, submit the files specified in the tasks.
One for each task with the version number(s) that have the problem. An example is given for the syntax of this is given in the second milestone task.
One for each task explaining the analysis as to how you went about finding the faulty versions and the numbers to compare to the benchmark version.
Some of the tasks have additional files to be submitted, like direction in which you see the issue.

Do the above manually.

The final task is to create scripts to run these checks automatically. One script for each issue.
This is the automation part.

The log file will be used to check some things but you need not do anything specific to enhance the log file.


Hello @Kiran,
What will be the format of high_cpu_usage_analysis file.
I mean can you please tell us the content description.

Feel free to type in the way you went about analysing it. You ran so-and-so tests and observed particular numbers and how it compared to the benchmark, which is the reason you are qualifying this version for high CPU usage.


do we have to check the transfer 1GB file or a normal file of any size??

Hey @Shreyavv12, You can check with file of any size but 1 GB size is recommended!

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okay that maybe because we need to compare the results with benchmark file ,right??

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Absolutely @Shreyavv12!

I am able to transfer files using ftp, but where to get all parameters value to be written in benchmark file

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use commands realted to memory and cpu usage and then find the parameters you need.
commands have been discussed in webinar too and before.