Do we have changes java files in annual-app directory

Error are coming because of cloning into workspace

Hi @parv,

No, we don’t have to make modifications to the web app provided. The errors will fade away once we get the TODOs in Milestone #1 done

Hey, you don’t have to make any changes to the annual-return-app, it is just a front end viewing for all the tasks that you have completed till now.
You can go ahead and call the ./gradlew bootrun or ./gradlew build bootrun and make sure that your server is up and running.

Execute the python dashboard,py command.
If you are getting a 200 response, that means you application logic is appropriate,
if you are getting a 503 response, you can refer to this FAQ

Hey @parv As there is no response from your side on this topic for the last 12 hrs, Hoping that your issue is resolved, I am closing this topic.

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