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base case 2 is failing
any hint?

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edge-test 1 failed.
any hints?

HInt for edge test 1: Does your code handle the same number occurring twice in the input, which could add up to the required sum?

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Yeah got it. Thank you.


here’s a problem with my workspace. Correct content is not loading for two sum problem. I have tried to reload and deleted the browsing data. But the problem persists. Previously solved modules have no such problem. I am attaching a screenshot.

It has weak test cases o(n^2) solution passed

the question mentions that we can use two different elements with the same value

That is correct. You cannot use the same element twice, but if 2 different elements have the same value, you can use them.

What should be the output for this case:
2 2 4 5 6
or this is a invalid case?

That is invalid since it has 2 solutions.
However, this is valid
2 2 4 5 6

i guess this one doesn’t have perf-test(s), but thats okay.

Did you find out what was going wrong i am getting the same base test 2 case failure?

base case 2 is failing any hint?

@YogeshUpadhyay Notice that for the given input you might have return wrong indices because you have to return the index that is followed input.

1 5 4 2 2
ans: 3 4


@Kiran sir While implementing the solution in python. I am getting a ModuleNotFound error.

it is showing no module named crio