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Getting one test case failure

same with me edge case 1 is failed can anyone provide hint

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if the strength of a person is 1 then does this mean that it can travel to next cell or it means it can travel to the present cell only.

it can travel to next one cell

can you share where are you stuck?

have you considered if initial strength is 0

why there is error in importing pair i am not able to use pairs

I am also not able to use pair.

I am getting a NullPointerException while adding a point (self defined class) to the priority queue with Comparator implemented.

both base cases are failing … can anyone suggest what can be these base cases?


Can anyone give any hints regarding edge test 1?

Same here, this is the only case which I got failed!

base-test-2 failure.Any hints?

I’m failing base-input-1. Not sure what I missed. Kindly help @Kiran @gouravsardana

Can anybody give a slight hint about the base-input1 and base-input2 test case.?
Also I need to confirm that if the maze is 1*1 then answer would always be Yes…Right @gouravsardana?

Can I use functions from my previous module and if yes then how. Because I tried importing the class but on further searching about it realized that only a package can be imported so I tried normally making the object of the previous class but got an error Cannot find Symbol.

For now, pasted those functions in this .java file.
Our assessment cannot make sure the other class file is available.

Yes, if maze is 11, answer would be Yes.
Hints for base input cases: Your code should correctly handle matrices of much larger sizes. Try out with your own example for 4
4 and 5*5 matrices to make sure it works.

Hint for Edge Case 1: Handle cases where the strength of the previous person reaches exactly 0 upon reaching the friend at the other end. Try this out with an example of matrix size 5*5 or higher