Hey folks,
Let’s discuss anything related to the LETTER COMBINATIONS OF PHONE NUMBER problem in this thread.

can there be more than 2 integer as input in a single input ?

There will only be one integer

i mean ‘2345’ is this valid input?

yes its an integer.You must be talking about digits.

Sir in what format will we be printing the strings ?
I mean each new combination will be printed in new line ,or space separated?
Please clarify

A VERY BIG NO to this please read overview first see the input output pattern.

There is a tests directory which will give you the format. The formatting is taken care of in the java file provided. Please go through it.

On Testing my solution using the given command .
I am getting the following error
Error: Could not find or load main class LetterCombinationsOfPhoneNumber
sample-input-1.txt : Failed

Are you using the runner.py as specified in the instructions?

Yes. I am copying and pasting the command from the site @Kiran

Send me a snapshot of this error using DM on slack

Where is problem statement from only input and output i didn’t get question…

@Kiran @sridherj-criodo Can the digits be repeated in an integer?


  • You can get a feel of what the module asks us to do, by using the number pad in our phones and adding in the numbers
  • We usually use the feature to quick search for contacts by name instead of going to the contacts tab

Yes, that is possible.

sir pls help i am getting where i am doing it wrong even after debugging i am getting correct answer.

Try to think of different input possibilty and debug.

i have tried many combination can you suggest some test cases

Check whether your code works for more than 2 inputs.