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Why this pop up error comes everytime when i paste my crio password during sudo command and even in any file in my workspace.

Do you only see this issue with pasting the crio password? Or do you have a general issue with copy/pasting inside the Crio workspace?

@raj271 what’s the error you are getting?

in every where in workspace

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check the ownership of the file if it is root user by default then you won’t be able to edit using terminal change it to crio-user then you will be able to edit
as this is in your whole workspace then
i think this is the error from there side

that’s not the problem bro…read my statement carefully

Hello ajay sir, please help me.

Can you kindly attach a screenshot of the same?


I am also facing same error, I am not able to paste anything on the terminal. Whenever I try, it says disabled in this document by feature policy. Kindly look into this @ajay-crio

@raj271 @Nishchay Try checking for the website permission to the clipboard.
If on chrome, you can click on lock icon next to URL -> Site Settings -> permissions -> clipboard -> allow

You can also try the methods mentioned on this site

bottom right side

Kindly try the solution provided above by @bhumijgupta and revert back.

I am not able to use shortcut key in terminal, but using above solution i can somehow able to copy-paste using mouse-click and selection,can u solve the shortcut key enable problem, using shortcut is very easy for me.