Difference between high_cpu_usage and high_cpu_analysis files

I am confused what has to be written in both files.
I understand that in high_Cpu_usage the faulty versions are to be mentioned but what about high_cpu_analysis as it is written to mention steps and statistics in that file. Please clear this doubt i am stuck at this part.

Basically, in high_cpu_usage, you just mentioned the faulty versions.
In high_cpu_analysis file, you just explain what steps you took, what were your observations and why you chose the versions mentioned in high_cpu_usage. You can write high_cpu_analysis in any manner you prefer, as long as its a text file.

whatever u wrote in high_cpu_usage thats ok, but
int high cpu analysis add few steps of explaination how you analysed the cpu usage

And don’t use any special characters or start a line with a space, this could lead to the assessment failing