Didn't get the full implementation of Aplhavantage Candle

What should I do to get the full body of AplhaCan

Please help @Sakshat-Crio.Do @Rahul-Crio.do @ajay-crio

You have to write your own implementation of alphacandle based on the respose from alphavantage api,
you can take help from tiingocandle and write your implementation.
I will try to break this down more for you,
Look at the response of tiingo api, from that see how the tiingo candle is implemented.
Now look at the response of alphavantage api , see what all methods you need in your aplhaCandle class
Make sure you implement all the methods defined in interface(candle) also

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You have to under first and then you have to implement things by your own just have a look on some examples of how to use JsonProperty actually it’s a key for mapping in this module.