Didn't get response?

Can i use my differrent email_id to do this project as i can’t get response from crio.do on the account which i registered although i have completed it successfully…

please dont change because it might affect in all other module also.
YOu can change but it is not feasible solution.

then what should i do?

contact to higher authority
YOu can ping them on slack

Hey, can you describe me your issue clearly

I completed this mini project lastweek still not get launch pass and this week when i start workspace then did not get responce.
i complete all module with positive responce.
should i use my anoother email id for this project to acomplished and is it gonna be valid for crio pass.

please resolve my issue

We are working on it.

But when…
Because i got that issue in previous crio mini project program and couldn’t get pass and if this time also this issue won’t be solved the what should i do as this might be last week of mini project…
Solve is ASAP.