Debugger test failed

When I try to run the debug test, it gives me test failed, also, I am unable to write in debugger console.

@mutant You are doing a great job. I can understand that you are stuck & here is your pro tip.

tip:- 1.Try to read the To Do carefully.
2. If you file the To Dos are not worthy then you can try to solve this problem by giving the break-point at the right position.

Disclaimer:- Note that all of us are here to “learn by doing”. Make sure that you never copy a code from your peers nor take direct help. The best way is, crawl the web, crawl the and do it yourself. Trust me this approach will help you a lot.

Check the line no. you are putting the breakpoint at.

Are you putting a break point in your code?
Try adding a break point then the debugger will pause and will allow you to write in console.