Crio library function from TreeNode.hpp missing (using C++)

This ticket is for: QPrep Approach, M7: Tree Path Sum, Stubs

I am currently attempting The Approach Pack module 7 (TreePathSum)
the driver code file (TreePathSum.cpp) has a call to the crio library file and that file seems to be missing a function.
name of the function, line number and error:
line 10.: TreeNode* root = TreeNode().readTreeReturnRoot(); <-- class “TreeNode” has no member “readTreeReturnRoot”

please take a look and advice


Could you try pulling the stubs again. For some reason the crio folder is not updated. You need to pull it again.

Hi Kunal, Have you run at least once? It downloads the crio folder.

If you are curious, you can check it in

@kunal1 Issue is resolved. You should be able to resume working on your code now. Can you check and confirm?

there’s some git issue when I run the file, could you please advice?
(I have resolved the merge conflicts in the .gitignore file)


Can you post what your git status says?

It says there “All conflicts fixed but you are still merging”. Can you commit your changes? (Note: Be certain of the pull and changes you have made). This may be a reason why you are getting the unmerged entries error from before.


it gives another issue:

i checked the gitignore file, no “merge conflict” sections are present

.gitignore was in a unmerged state - the resolution was to do git reset .gitignore and then after that add and commit. Closing this issue.

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