Crio Exclusive Git Commands

Here you will find information about all the Crio Specific git commands. These commands are only available inside your Crio Workspace, and will aid you throughout your journey.

If you are git beginner, checkout this link first: Wiki - Git ( Everything Related to Git )

1. How to restart the current module ?

  • If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “I wish I could just start the module again from scratch… is there an easy way of doing so?” then you can use git module-restart to remove all progress in the current module from your local repository.
  • Depending on the state your repository is in, you might be prompted to pull the STUBS again, in that case just follow the steps listed under tasks section again.
  • A backup of you current local repository will also be created, in case you want to revisit your changes , and you can still push from your backup.
  • Once you push changes from your reset repository, any pushes from the backup will be rejected by gitlab, and vice versa

2. How to re-run assessment immediately, without creating a dummy commit manually?

  • Invoke git force-push, which does the same for you

3. How do I quickly check which files have merge conflicts?

  • You could always run git status, but check out git diagnosis, which also displays a big banner and a nice helpful link regarding merge conflicts. (More features coming up soon!)

4. How do I cancel a merge?

  • Use git rollback