Create Benchmark

How do I get the benchmark value? I got confused. I take those value by running vsftpd_v1 and vsftpd.conf file. Am I right?

Yes. It’s what the task specifies.

Hey @Soumyadip use this to clear your doubts

@amanagar Sir I know how to complete the benchmark file. I am used vsftpd_v1 version to complete the benchmark but I am in doubt vsftpd_v1 is alpha version or beta version.
In considering vsftpd_v1 for benchmark there is no beta version that consume 2 times of CPU usage of vsftpd_v1.
Please gives some insights.

Hey @Soumyadip there are total 7 versions and v1 is correct version which is bug free and final product version so create your benchmark according to v1 and other 6 versions v2,v3,v4,v5,v6,v7 are beta versions in different parameters or you can say faulty versions which contains some bugs or faults in different parameters now you have to compare these versions with v1 which is benchmark version or full furnished version according to instructions.

@amanagar Thank you sir for giving clarity.
Sir I have another doubt - While checking file permission.
In benchmark_file file_permission=rwxrwxrwx
But when I run vsftpd.conf with every version of vsftpd and upload a casual file from ~/ftp_server to QBox server I get same permission for each case and this is rw-r--r--
And, yes I upload file and check version and delete that and then run another version and again upload and delete file but I created the file only once.
Where I’m wrong?

hey permission will change for sure there is faulty version and you have to create file again.

@amanagar Ok sir, but my procedure is right or wrong?
I created file for every version and then upload but got the same permission for each version rw-r--r-
Where I am doing wrong cant understand.
Please give some hints.

I am stuck here. Please help @Saurav_Crio.Do, @amanagar.

If you have created separate files for each version, then FTP transfer it and check for the permissions in the destination for each file. I think you are going in the right path!

@abhishek_chandar Yes I already did what you said but I got the same file permission rwxr-xr-x for each version of vsftpd. Now what to do?

That shouldn’t happen unless you overwrite the file either in source or destination by mistake. Just take a look on it.

@abhishek_chandar I dont overwrite the file. I simply add two config flag to vsftpd.conf file. And rest are same as it is.

Even I am getting same permissions for every version. Did you get something??

Are you doing the above things?

Yes, I did that you said, but got same file permission for all the versions of vsftpd.

I answered the query on your other thread. Please see that.