Couldn't get board id

“status”: “failure”,
“code”: 3,
“data”: null,
“message”: “Authorization failed.”
2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
30 mins or more

  1. What is your hypothesis?
    dont know tried all stuffs to solve it but unfortunately couldn’t get board id

yeah same here. If you get any idea please do help me out.

show the data fields and the value you have entered! Use the API explorer to check for board Id first before using postman

don’t know how to use api explorer
i did exactly what is mentioned in the guide
do help fast
trying since yesterday

change the token name
Also, use the API EXPLORER, if it works there, it will work here too

Are you able to generate token?

use this link:

yes but couldnt create board

use the given docs, use the API Explorer, see how that is forming the link for board, use that link in postman

cant create board using api explorer .where is the problem??after access token generation what to do :tired_face: :weary:error is 401

also, in the given Docs, there is mention of how to create board, and there is a video link too! watch that

i have tried every thing did everything as mentioned dontknow whats the issue .utterly disatisfied with this dont know y error 401

When you put the link in postman, what params do u get?

hey @sweety,
in the board field of API Explorer, you need to insert board id, which you can easily generate. Just refer this link Pinterest Board Id

Is your form data not getting updated when you fill in the name* field in the api explorer?
If not try to see why it’s not happening. The form data containing root{} should automatically get updated