Couldn't connect to FileZilla

I have already completed File sharing on FTP in crio virtual machine but I’m not able to connect FTP server with FTP client FileZilla on external devaice.
I have given the input IP as port as 8081 username as crio-user and password as my workspace password.

You have made a mistake there, your IP address is your workspace IP and corresponds to localhost, please change your IP and try again. I am also facing the same issue. Have entered the VM IP and port correctly but still not able to connect .
The ufw is disabled . I am able to connect in local environment how do i check if external connctions are allowed ?

Port should be the one specified in config file i.e. 8081


I have this in my config file and i am able to connect using this port in my local env.

What is shown on Filezilla? This: (Connecting… waiting for welcome message) OR something else?

Error:	Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:	Could not connect to server



it might happen due to slow internet
go to settings in filezilla and increase the timeout duration to a higher value

also, workspace IP address changes eveytime.
refresh and enter the latest IP address.

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did u mean workspace url

Yes, the workspace url is actually the public IP address of our workspace and helps others on the internet to find our workspace