Could run unit tests

I am getting build success but I am unable to run the unit test

In the logs I am getting the following output

Please help me where I am wrong

Your code must have failed one or more internal assessment cases. Its mentioned on the assessment page. Please ensure you are not hardcoding any values.

I am unable to see which test cases are failing like the names which used to appear incase they are failing, that names are not coming
You can see the output attached above

check the unit testing log file

After the box containing links to all logs, there is a list of test cases that are run. I was talking about that. For module 1 it contains 4 tests I think, out of which only 2 are tested during the internal build in terminal.

I have attached the unittesting log file output also
but that is saying “Build failure”

Refer this thread

@Malvika are you using file name as args[0], if not then use it

yes I am using args[0] as the filename
I want to know do I need to make a new class to iterate over the json
Or should I use PortfolioTrade class?

@Malvika have u debugged ur file
to check the problem

Using PortfolioTrade class is preferred however you can use a new class also. But Portfolio Trade has everything you require.

I have used the PortFolioTrade class only and without hardcoding the json length
Still I am unable to run the tests

Any other thing that you think I might be hardcoding as I am unable to understand as to what I am hardcoding?

Just think about this scenario:
if you try to run the program for a json file named abc.json, will it work in your case?

yes because I have given the filename with args[0]

Have you made use of all the functions provided in the program?

I have used resolveFileFromResources and getObjectMapper in mainReadFile()
Anything else needs to be used?

There might be an issue in definition of list of symbols in your code. I think you should check that line which defines a list of string for your symbol storage.

Are you using correct argument in resolveFileFromResouces?