Could not find ICMP request packet with the Server IP as destination

My assessment is failing for module 5

I am running server and using ping command on laptop and tried tcpdump command to capture packets and I can see ICMP packets are present with destination IP address.But still I am getting assessment failure

This means either you have incorrectly mentioned the IP address or mentioned the wrong packets. For the former, make sure the internal/external IP address you are mentioning is correct. For the latter, you’ll need to use the right filter to filter out ICMP packets from the pcap file.

I had given correct ip and I can also see icmp packets
But when I open vsftpd.log file I dont see anything regarding icmp packets, why is this happening?
What is expected log output is seen log file for icmp packets?

In this case, the assessment is done by checking the packet numbers from pcap file, as far as my understanding goes. Therefore, whatever packet number you mention, they will be checked and it’ll be determined if they belong to ICMP protocol and have the destination IP as the one you mentioned. Therefore, I don’t think it has anything to do with log file.