Correct version not specified in high memory usage

i have been trying to get his right the entire night. i can literally see the memory usage going high with each transfer on the “bugged memory leaking” version of the vsftpd_v file. i can literally see it skyrocket with each transfer. even then the assement fails saying "Correct Version not specified’. is this a problem with the check? because i am more than 100% sure about the file version with the memory leak.

Seems you are making rapid submissions for this - can you DM me on slack what you think is the solution and why?

okay. what is your slack username ?

@Sridher Crio.Do

I’m in a similar situation. @Lav-Hinsu Can you share what went wrong in your case? Thanks

Which command do you use it to monitor. I’m using top command with the pid of the process , but used memory remains almost same in all the versions?

i had an extra spacing in the trailing.took four hours of my time. :frowning:

Which command did you use to monitor?

@ajraj27 This will help. See man top to get the the refresh time delay flag.