Copy paste not working in terminal

I’m using Chrome.
Allowed clipboard access.
All extensions have been disabled, cleared all cookies & tried, same problem persists.

While I’m able to copy paste into the code files, but not terminal.

Tried right-click copy paste not working,
When I tried ctrl+shift+v in terminal, I got this pop-up.


Do look into this. @Rahul @Saurav_Crio.Do @sashi_Crio.Do

can you do this
Open the workspace in new tab and continue to work normally. (If it doesn’t load for you, add https:// in the URL and then try)
2. Revert to older version of Chrome (anything below v81)
In Mac, command+shift+V seems to do the trick

Damn. I just updated my Chrome to v81+. Switched to Chromium. Works in Chromium v80. Thanks.

Closing this topic as it has been solved by you yourself. Great job, keep working hard. if its not resolved feel free to un-mark the accepted solution to re-open the topic.