Copy-paste is not working inside the workspace :((

  1. Be sure to enable clipboard access for workspace.
    When you try to copy-paste a pop up will appear on Chrome asking for access to the clipboard. You can also do this manually by following the steps listed here: How to Enable and Use Clipboard Sharing in Google Chrome.

  2. Click on “Open in New Tab” to open the workspace in a separate tab and try copy-pasting there.

  3. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste inside the Crio workspace terminal:
    Copy: CTRL+SHIFT+C
    Paste: CTRL+SHIFT+V

  4. To copy/paste content in a different (non-workspace) browser window, you might have to use:
    Copy: CTRL+C
    Paste: CTRL+V

  5. If none of the above work, try using the right-click option and use the menu to copy/paste content.

  6. Some users have resolved this issue by reinstalling Google Chrome.