Conversion of numbers

KA01MQ7119 = 3286791
KA01MQ7189 = 3286861
KA01MQ7229 = 3286901

is this the correct conversion
for these??

and for
KA19BC0025: 121947829
how is this the correct answer for this case, I’m not getting.
I calculated it as 121957829 or 121947830

These conversions are correct and accurate. Could you explain how you reached your calculations of 121957829 or 121947830.

I parse first two digits lets say its 19 the I do 18 * 6759325 - 18 first. which is 121667832

Then for the next two letters ‘BC’ I do 1 * 26 + 2 which gives 28 (I do this since counting A-Z from 0 we get B as 1 and C as 2, reaching B means we have completed one cycle of 26 and two more ahead would lead to C starting from A as 0 again, (0, 1, 2)).
Then I would subtract this result from 10000 so it would be 10000 - 28 which is 9972. and add 0025 to it which would lead to 9997 (if this result exceeds 10000 i’m doing a modulo 10000 with the sum of
last four digits and 10000 - value( the value calculated from two letters)
now multiplying 28 * 10000 + 9997 which is 289997;

now The adding the first result that is 121667832 + 289997 give 121957829, if it was 1216672832 + 279998 would give 121947830 ( that would be when the value of two digits is calculated as 27(this was what I got upon doing estimation through writing)).

Not really sure how you come up with the second part. However the correct way of doing it is to take 28 * 9999 (28 is obtained the same way you did) = 279972 and then add 0025 to it giving 279997 .

Adding the second part to the correctly calculated first part you obtained ,you get 121947829.

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