Contradiction in Identation Standards

A class definition should start in the leftmost column. You should use an open and close brace all the way to the left.

public class Foo 
  // CODE 

You'll notice the keyword  **public**  is all the way to the left, as is the left and right brace.

But after Running build gradle command in the workspace says that { brace should come in the same line.
Does above quoted standards are wrong then which one is latest where can I find all the latest standards.

No, the above quoted standard are not wrong. But for this you will have to follow the check-style rules otherwise your build will get fail.

For example - If you are using python for a web development, you will have to follow pep 8 rules and if you are using java you must follow some rule according to checkstyle :slight_smile:

Feel the pain of check-style :frowning: and Good Luck

The Braces need to be to the left most column of the document, Read the error statement carefully.