Content to be written in increased_time_taken_analysis

What is to be written in the file increased_time_taken_analysis.

Explain how much extra time is being taken and in what direction in the faulty version.

If some version don’t allow file transfer in certain direction do we have to include those versions too or only the versions which take more time to transfer?

Also what should be written in the the direction file.
if one version has problem in upload and another one has problem in download the should be just write

like this in the file . or should we specify like this:
vsftpd_v8, vsftpd_v9

The direction related file should only have upload or download. If both are true, put them on individual lines.

I also have the same query

I think you didn’t get what @robsteneha was asking

please tell how to write the "increased_time_taken_analysis " file for a sample scenario

for exMPLE
if v8 version takes too much time for DOWNLOAD


v9 version takes too much time for both DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD

according to above situation increased_time_taken_version should include


increased_time_taken_analysis file should contain

isn’t increased_time_taken_analysis ambiguous to interpret

please can you tell the format of increased_time_taken_analysis file for the above situation

I think it’s the union for everything
So as he said just


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Also I asked one more question
should we only mention versions which take more time to transfer
Versions which take more time to transfer, versions with unsuccessful file transfers

Dont include unsuccessful transfers here. They are not the same as slow transfers.


@Kiran can you please elaborate that how we have to write in increased_time_taken_analysis file with a example as explained in milestone 3 for incorrect_file_permission_analysis instructions.

Command used to check the file permissions: , …

Permissions for the uploaded file in the faulty version: rwxrwx-w-

@tijira @robsteneha @vipultyagi29 if any of you know anything about my query, please help

Simply write what the issue is. If it is taking too long to transfer, write that. Is it happening during a GET request? Or is it happening during a PUT request?
Just document the issue. There is no correct format for this file.

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@S4G4R thanks for saving me.

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