Connot commit in module 5

memory is exceeded greater then 10 mb so that i reset to initial commit in module 5.
then i try to push again which shows me message like.
Can someone from crio team look over i stuck from 2 days. @Rohin_Crio-Tech
@anand-crio @chandra-kiran_crio

I am facing the same problem. Everybody asked me to use this link. Git push fail (pack exceed maximum allowed size )
But I am unable to use it

Can you please elaborate your issue ?

This happens because (probably) there is not enough space in remote. I fixed this by-

  • soft resetting last commit
  • then pushing again

My disk space is greater than 10 mb so it not able to push my code. So i reset to initial commit of module 5. Then I added files and trying to commit again. It shows me message like this.

You will have to do this -

Facing same issue and not able to resolve it, tired the solution provided in the FAQs, still not able to push.