Confusion regarding stocks and deserialization

If we want the closing stock on the end-date why do we need the start-date at all?
Also in the getObject function,should we use the String class or directly use the TiingoCandle class after adding a constructor in the Tiingo Candle class to deserialize the objects?

We need start date, please read the TODO’s there might be mentioned what is the start date of the stock information you need. You can use string class directly.

Yes I did see the start date ,I have used it as well,but the response list that I get is really large.

From that long list, we only need one object, i.e. , the object with enddate

Hey, @Patralekha we need a start date and end date because our objective in this micro experience we have to design a backend for a stock profiling application. We took a start date as stock purchased date for a user and I think It makes sense because for a certain user profile we will give him a personalized feature to adjust end date but strict them to don’t go beyond the date you purchased stock and It also makes sense that profit or loss can only be decided by the date of purchase. and end date is adjustable so that the user decides whether to sell a stock or hold a stock. But it might be a bug for an application when there is the invalid date you have to handle that and other conner cases also possible think and implement.

For the 2nd question from my experience api call returns a value which needs a list of TiingoCandle object and i tried to implement it too such that response fetched could be Mapped directly to a list of TiingoCandle object but didn’t find any success but could be done easily through ObjectMapper