Confirm Client Server Communication Test Fail

I have checked the logs for greps on UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD from localhost as well as external and I am getting the required result. However when I submit the files for assessment it fails at the test. I opened it and read the comments and it said that the file would grep the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD log from the vsftpd.log which are already present in my log.
Kindly help

make sure your log file should be situated at /home/crio-user/workspace/vsftpd.log which is suggested in Module you are not using file which are in /var/log/ and checkout you are able to get the same result by using grep command on vsftpd.log file which is situated at /home/crio-user/workspace/vsftpd.log try this thing in CLI then check it for assessment.

Have you got past this? Iā€™m stuck in the same place. The other two tests pass but this one fails. I can even see in the logs that localhost connects successfully.