Configure firewall

hey, I am getting this type of output
after feeding input
input: telnet localhost 80

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.

Can someone tell me what to write as a Http or https like in the browser so that i can saw my website.

For Example, my IP address is:

I am using azure Cloud, I can find the option of HTTP And Https for firewall in VM section.

Kindly Help me.

Click on “Overview” in azure .
looks for field called “public ip address
copy that address into your chrome search bar and click enter.

If you install the nginx server correctly. you will see the nginx default web page

thank you, i just solved it, i know the dir of that HTML file but how to open it? for editing

you mean , Which file do you have to edit to change the websites content?

No, I know where the file is(location) but how to open it for editing that HTML file.

take a looks at the video. i remember doing something similar

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Thankx it really helped me

You can even change the file in /var/www/html/index.debian-nginx.html

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