Compilejava Error Could not create service of type AnnotationProcessorDetector

In milestone 2, I am getting this error

I have changed the permission of 2 files exceutionHistory.lock and executionHistory.bin to crio-user from root as it was giving permission error. But now I am getting this error.
Please help

Hey, can you walk me through what happened in the first place when you had to start changing permissions? Because, there was no need to change permissions in this module.

Even though if you want to move faster, you could just make another folder in the workspace and pull a working version from gitlabs and then start adding the changes you’ve made in this one-by-one and then figure out what part is actually breaking.

And please do use debugger as that may reveal the real problems.

The problem was that the annual return app was not pulled correctly.
Now it is solved.

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