Common Errors in Module1 that users make

Milestone 1:
The home directory is /home but not /home/crio-user
Milestone 2:
Users are not supposed to print hidden use the appropriate command so as to not print hidden files.
Milestone 4:
The third point given in the note section is not to be considered. So NOTE this to get the required output.
While creating a directory or copying a file or printing successful logs, first go to that directory and perform the operation. Don’t Run the operation by specifying the path where that operation should happen.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
We are working on it.

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Sir sorry if you have understood wrongly. I posted this so that people don’t waste time not knowing what mistake they are doing. The work that you are doing is great for us. I didnt post this pin pointing out the mistakes, This is only to guide those people who got stuck not knowing what mistake they have done.