Comment not working

top -b -n 30 | grep vsftpd

when i use this comment. its not showing anything. why is that? sometime before it worked. but now its not working.

try using top command for a particular process id

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Its possible you are not running any vsftpd processes. That’s why it is not showing anything.

the server is running and the ftp is connected. so it should be showing something, right?

Then as @visargdesai said, try running top for a particular id.

yeah bro! …

@shoryajain. Need some help.
Any hints for invalidstocks and invaliddates?
I am throwing nullpointerexception when date is invalid but it is not working

I don’t remember adding any extra exceptions. Just the current ones with other methods worked fine for me.

hey when downloading multiple files. should i take the average of all the residual memory or just the one with the peak. i only got one peak. so what should i do with that number?

Average is better for observations.