Clarification module 3 task 2: Build Failure

Build failure at task 2 of module 3. The log shows
Failure: Local Client hasn’t successfully connected to Server

I am uploading the file from the ftp_client to ftp_server and downloading the file from the ftp_server to the ftp_client.
It is still showing a build failure. Can anyone tell what should be the final contents of the ftp_client and ftp_server folders?

Does this issue still exist?

workspace is not opening. I will try replacing the host name to instead of the machine’s ip for local data upload.

It got fixed. Thank you.

i got the same issue how did you solved it plz tell

I tried connecting to FTP server using the local domain address i.e. on port 8081, instead of the virtual up address.

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worked thanks :smiley:

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