Clarifai Food Model API not accessible

I dont seem to get hold of the food model api

spent around 30 mins trying to figure it out

the website

when i click on get free api code redirects it to my clarifai dashboard which doesnt seem to have anyway to access any of their pretrained models.

Hey you have to make an account on clarifai to get their access key for their api,
As soon as you verify your identity by opening the verification link sent to you through email , you can access the api then.
Also refer to this post , about what has to be done for this module

See, here it gets confusing. You can use the api key provided for ur first_application api. Theres no need to hunt for the exact api key of food model api. Use the one thats already there in ur account.

Closing this topic as it has been solved by you yourself. Great job, keep working hard. if its not resolved feel free to un-mark the accepted solution to re-open the topic.