Checksum value not matching even after applying the openssl certificate for txt file

After applying the openssl certificate, when I transferred file, I found that the content was not visible in the pcap file using wireshark, well and good.
But when I checked the md5sum using the md5sum file_name command, the values came different.
Also, the content of the uploaded text file was same as on my PC.

Then after so many tries on the same file, I tried to transfer an image instead of text and Voila!!, the md5sum was same on both the sides.

I can’t understand whats wrong with the txt file? Below are screenshots of the md5 sums of both text and image file on both sides.

On my Linux Laptop:
Screenshot from 2020-02-24 02-53-40

On QBox host:
Screenshot from 2020-02-24 02-53-31

Observe the difference between md5sum of the txt file on both sides.

Then I thought of sha256sum but same condition:

On Linux PC:

On QBox host:

I’ve referred to these instructions for the doing required changes:

I’m in doubt that is there a mistake in vsftpd.conf file or something else…

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks! :smile:

remember openssl enables encryption services on the server.

Hey @deepamgupta, Why this behavior persists only with text files?

Hint configuration:

ascii_download_enable = NO

ascii_upload_enable = NO


Are you tampering with the file in anyway? Like opening and editing n ol because that will change the hash values.

no, without opening also, the same result, and please explain how opening a file can change its Hash value?

I tried to say ‘opening and editing’ but I guess you read it as ‘opening’ and ‘editing’. :wink:

The hash can only be different if:

  1. There was a faulty transfer i.e. some bits were not correctly transferred and it would result in a different hash.
  2. File’s last modified date is changed (by editing of course).
  3. Content is changed.

What you can do, if possible, is check the exact size of the file in kB and check if it matches exactly on both devices.

Screenshot from 2020-02-24 23-10-38

Screenshot from 2020-02-24 23-10-49

IT WORKED!!! :100: :partying_face:
Thanks Buddy @imbipulkumar

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@deepamgupta always welcome! :smile:

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