Charsequence is giving error

String url = uri.replace( charSequence: “$APIKEY”, token).replace( charSequence: “$SYMBOL”, trade.getSymbol())
charSequence is giving error and I didn’t find how to solve ??

u can simply concatenation of strings
String uri = “” + + “/prices?startDate=”
+ + “&endDate=” + args[1]
+ “&token=”;

ok thanks I got rid of that. my test case passed successfully, but I am getting spotbugs error and when I followed the forum post to fix that , I am getting a blank white page in my browser. what should I do now??

I pasted the html file path but nothing get to check my error??

Looking at the html file path that you have written, it seems like it isn’t completely correct.
I think it starts from: “file” and the path you specified follows…

Copy whole thing(the file path) from the terminal, and paste it over there

I did that too, but still page showing blank??

Hi @2016uee,

A simple solution to this would be to just access the html file in your workspace instead of using your browser to do it. You can just press ctlr+click on the link and the file would open. Scrolling down towards the end, you’ll see the error and its description.

That way, you don’t have the hassle of opening it in the browser if its causing you issues. The only difference that would have made is shown the same stuff in a different way. But as developers, I think we can distinguish the same content from the HTML file itself and work accordingly.

Let me know if it helps!

Sometimes the simple solutions are better than over engineering, try string concats
(don’t sweat it though, i am one of those overthinkers too and i can say that it does work out well later)

ctrl+click on the link and the html code will be opened and u can cpy the html code in ur machine and run from ur machine.