Can't view debriefs for QBox Module 2

I am not able to view debriefs for QBox Module 2, I’m getting the following error
Oh Snap!
Something went wrong!
We are striving hard to improve your experience. Please give us some moments to correct this error. Refresh Page
If this is doesnt work, try clearing browser cookies.


I will look into this issue. Till now you can continue with other modules. If you want to unlock any module. I will unlock for you if you are block.
Once that debrief thing is resolve i will text you on slack :slight_smile:

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Hey, thank you. I’m not stuck, I have already completed all modules. I was just revising.

Closing this topic as it has been solved by you yourself. Great job, keep working hard. if its not resolved feel free to un-mark the accepted solution to re-open the topic.