Can't understand which ip address to add to file

filezilla client to QBox server connection is ESTABLISHED , use the netstat command on your laptop (where the filezilla client is running) . How to distinguish which port allow filezilla on laptop and QBox server?

Match using port numbers… In laptop you will find one connection had workspace ip… look and think related to ans

Don’t we have to find the ip address of filezilla client? or do the task wants to check connection between QBox server and laptop?

There will be two sets of IP addresses Source and Destination. Compare them at both sides. In your laptop and your workspace.

I am unable to understand this. We need to find ip address of filezilla client? OR we will only check for both the ip address of laptop and QBox server.

ip address of filezilla client is same as yours public ip (you can find it by just typing on google what is my ip), when you are asked to put external or public, just put public ip and when asked internal just put inet one, you can find yout inet ip using ipconfig on windows and ifconfig in linux.