Can't save the data to .pcap file

Hi, when I ping the QBox host without -w ping_capture.pcap flag I get the output in the terminal. But, when I try to save the output to a file using the above flag, the file gets created but the file is empty.

check this…even I faced the same problem. I think it takes some time to show the changes in the file size, wait for some time or reload the page. I actually reset the workspace, and I was able to see proper file size

I spent lot of time there…But it was not a big issue at all :smile:

One more advice. Don’t try to view it in your online ide…if at all there are lots of packets, then ide doesn’t show normal behavior. Once it is confirmed that the filesize is greater than zero, download it to your laptop using filezilla…and then use wireshark

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In the first screenshot, the second command you are not writing anything onto a file. So if you see run that command then your file wouldn’t be created. Plus in the first command, please make sure that the command runs for 10 seconds. You have stopped that process after starting it.

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ok when you use -w command in tcpdump it will write packets directly into your file
and workspace editor can’t read those binary files so if you want to check
then check the file size and also check the file using cat command(i.e cat filename)
(sometimes editor shows something is written in the file but all are in symbols)
also when you are using tcpdump command without -w the terminal will display you the output which isn’t in binary as tcpdump without -w will give output in readable format

It was helpful. likely It is a bug.

yeah…n glad that it helped :slightly_smiling_face: