Cant find text content in wireshark

I transferred file with out encryption from filezilla to QBox and captured the packets. I opened that pcap file but could not find text content of the file.
@amanagar, @chandra-kiran_crio

Hey @Soumyadip check this out you will find out you have to analyze .pcap file in wireshark

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  • As mentioned here by @Kiran, Wireshark populate it’s Protocol column by inferring from the port number
  • Now, if want Wireshark to show FTP corresponding to our FTP packets, we need to tell it manually which all ports we are using for FTP manually.

  • How to do it?

    1. For each of the port number we want to assign as FTP, Right-Click and click on Decode As
    2. Click on + icon to add a new entry. Double-click on (none) to open the drop-down and select the required protocol from it.
    3. Click Ok
  • You’ll see the text we usually see logged into vsftpd.conf in the Info column for packets having data

Hope it helped :slight_smile: