Cant figure out how to check port no for vsftpd_v1

when i run the netstat -an command after running the server i cant figure out how to check the port no of vsftpd file , i tried but cant find vsftpd anywhere

Hey if you are checking for the vsftpd process,
Please type **ps -ef| grep vsftpd ** in your terminal.
You would only see an entry in the netstat command after you have connected a client to the server using FTP.
Hope this solves your issue :slight_smile:

no i checked for the process and i find it look but now i want to check at what port vsftpd_v1 is runing by using netstat -an as mention in the module and i cant figure out how to check for that because when i run netstat -an there is a huge list of servers but there is no vsftpd_v1Screenshot (76)

Hey, if you want to see your port number in netstat, you have to be connected to particular client, please understand.
If you want to check your port number, please check the vsftpd config file.

ok i get it .but why are you guys write the instructions in wrong order. :no_mouth: