Cannot login in pinterest via Postman

I am running ubuntu 16.04 and i am running Postman in it, i have completed all the steps required before to get the access token and when i am clicking on “request token”, the desktop app is forwarding me to login in pinterest, but i cannot login because it is saying that the browser is not supported. I am using chrome too but it does not matter i guess since i am using the desktop app. Please help

You can do one thing. When it is asking you to login , click on forgot password and follow the forgot password procedure. Then you will be logged in successfully.

The forgot password procedure of google? They put you through a lot of hassle plus it would mix up and almost change everything. Changing my google password would change my entire digital signature.

You can try it. I tried it once. I am not aware of any other solutions.

It worked. Thank You. I didn’t change the password of google but changed the password of pinterest and it worked. Thank you.

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Also, One more thing, where should i paste the Curl command in Postman?

You need to import it. There is an import option in postman