Cannot hit clarifai api with postman

  1. I am trying to hit the api as mentioned in curl command.
    I am importing the curl command in postman and replacing the api key with my key then also I am getting error : Empty or malformed authorization header. Please provide an API key or session token.

  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
    3 to 4 hours

  3. What is your hypothesis?
    There is some kind of api formating issues which are not properly documented in clarifai.

Check again if the value of parameters is the same as in Postman.
Don’t hard-code anything.
Your parameters are incorrect.

is your issue resolved?

Hey, it has been more than 12 hours since we have got a reply from your side. I am closing this query if the problem persists feel free to raise a new query :slight_smile: