Cannot find file to work on in milestone 2

I am unable to find the file in which I have to code inside the function ‘mainReadQuotes’. I have checked all the files but couldn’t find this function!

This function is inside file, path being /qmoney/src/main/java/com/crio/warmup/stock/

Let me know if it works!

But this is the old file that I used in module 1. It contains old TODOs of module 1 and the function that I need is also absent.

During resolution of merge conflicts, is it possible you rejected the incoming change? Because that’s where the function stub is added. Atleast it was for me.

I am accepting incoming changes in after which it shows the calling of the required function inside printJsonObject. But still I can’t see the TODOs

Would you please give me the TODOs if the problem persists?

Yeah sure. No problem.

Please give them. I can’t find any way to see those TODOs

Can you once just clear it with someone from the Crio Team? In case it is an error or sharing might in some way violate the program guidelines?

Did you get the TODOs right after pulling the code??

You have to do most of the work in

Use CTRL+F, small search bar will come on top!
write your queries/search on that bar press enter and find location by using up/down arrow symbols!

It might happen because you have done incorrect merge! Read both incoming and residing changes. And according to requirement accept changes.

If you messed up with things!!!

Just go back to the previous commit, then run setup again!

I did this, but I couldn’t reverse what I did. What should I do now to get back what is lost?

can somebody give me the TODOs of this milestone. It seems like I am not gonna get those things back.

Yes I did, along with method stubs.

I checked gitlab and got the code there. Thank you for the assistance!