Cannot construct instance of `com.crio.warmup.stock.dto.Candle`

While I running ./gradlew run --args="trades.json 2019-12-03"
I got this error and build failed.
I don’t found actually where is the error although all test cases are passed and output is also correct as I debugged.

Candle is an interface so you cannot create its instance. By the way, can you tell me what is our task in getStockQuote function?

I think we have to return ArrayList of candle which we get from rest api request.

but I’m getting this error.

You cannot instantiate a constructor.

you can not create instance of interface, but you can create reference of interface by using a class which had implemented that interface. Try to find out that class.

For information about interfaces:-

would you please tell me what we have to do in this function

Now you have to ignore some field at the time of deserialization. Used Some jackson annotation for that.

Hey @aanu1143 in these kind of errors you need to debug if you will look closely into your error you will find out that where is this happening you are getting this error in in line number 55 so go there and try to debug near to that function you will find out what is going wrong.