Can you please do help me out with Module 2 Milestone 1 Tasks?

Check if the server has total RAM/memory >= 2 GB


# Tasks:

# 1) Add the line to populate the variable "totalMemInKB" with the value of the Total memory in KB.

# 2) Linux commands can be placed within the `` when assigning the output to a variable. 

#    E.g. totalMemInKB=`<bash command>`

# 3) Start the expression to populate the variable with "cat $1" which is the command line filename input. Check the Usage above. 

# 4) Execute the script before submission and confirm the output

Hi @vipul-aggarwal
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Hello Vipul,

If you follow the TODO as described in the Tasks, you can easily go past this module successfully.
Please follow the instructions step by step.
For this particular task, create a variable totalMemInKB and write the Linux commands here inside ``, make sure your commands starts with cat $1, where $1 takes the argument value passed while executing the script ./ /proc/meminfo (the argument here is /proc/meminfo)

You have to use make use of grep, awk or sed commands to complete this task.
Hope this helps!

Hi @vipul-aggarwal

Have the answers by @Crio-Admin and @yaditya20 cleared your doubts? If not please me know.


Nope, Can you please do help me with more information?

As explained before, you need to follow the TODOs and complete the module. The TODOs are self explanatory. The explanation given @yaditya20 supplements that.

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