Can I accept every incoming chnage in from module 1 to 2?

I have accepted file while moving from modules 1 to 2. Am I supposed to do that?
I am asking because I read the instruction about copying old code from mainReadFile and I do not have it currently in my workspace but I can copy it from GitLab workspace and if I have done it wrong It will be updated in the master branch after I push results of module 2 then I will have to revert back by commit key.

Should I have retained all old methods ( like resolveFileFromResources and getObjectMapper ) in incoming changes from going to module 1 to 2 ?

Hi @vipulkrishna

  • The copying code from mainReadFile instruction asks us to reuse the code we utilized in the method for reading the JSON file in Module 1

  • The resolveFileFromResources and getObjectMapper methods will be helpful in further modules. So, it will be nice to retain them. But, I don’t think it’s necessary in case you don’t have them. Or even better, you can copy it from the Gitlab workspace as you rightly mentioned.

I got it. It is like we are totally free whatever we want because we have options of going back and option to copying code from GitLab but one thing that I learn that somehow I have to remind myself that which commit is after which module because I did not care about commit message in the past while committing final results to GitLab target.

I have accepted all the incoming changes and Thanks for clarifing my doubt so fast.