CalculateReturnsOldTrades() test failure

Only one test case is failing, all my variables,constants are of type double.

Ok try to find out by yourself

Hint: Have you sorted your returning list object of annualizedreturns now you have to find out on which parameter/field you will sort it

II don’t think sorting is causing the issue ,I have sorted the result list that need to be returned
but the bulid for the test is failing because the resolveFileFromResources throws "InvocationTargetException@52 “java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException” error

Hey @Abhinav you are also facing the test failure only in this particular test case when you were pushing?

Yes, I too have the same issue

can you please explain what you mean? i have sorted it based on the value of annualized returns. is there another sort i need to do?

@amanagar . I too had done the same thing but the build is still failing. Is this wrong?

this worked for me

check your code
if it can handle (sort) values like,
data that have greater precision bits maybe two or three places after decimal

Hey @Abhinav @AthuK apologies for responding late but as @tijira mentioned you have to sort it according annualizedreturn and if you are facing issue then try to debug it because as you have said your function is correct but still you are facing that error so probably you are making some minor mistake or edge mistake which varies for person to person