Calculate Extrapolated Annualized Return TestCase

I am not getting it . I already checked the conditions where this testcase fails . Still it is failing

There’s some error in your logic, it is raising an ArrayIndexOutofBounds Exception, can your check agaiin

Ya I already checked it . I am not able to find it

Refer to this FAq

Ya I checked this link already . Since I have already completed module 3 stocks are sorted in descending order and Formula is definitely correct since I have not changed it . And Only buyPrice and sellPrice I am taking them as first and last element of arraylist. This should not come as hardcoded values

I am also facing same issue

Now I solved that issue now I am facing another problem for same testcase

I am also failing on this test case

Hey look into this

I know this but I don’t understand since logic of the program is same as module 3 and It passed all the testcases of build of module 3 but not this module . why?

Hey @Shashank there are can be many cases by which it is happening like bad url format, resttemplate is not calling so better way you debug this and try to find out what is the reason.

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